The Miami Herald Features the Florida bonneted bat

The Miami Herald’s Jenny Staletovich provided an excellent feature article on the endangered and mysterious bonneted bat. The article references the great work of John Hopkins professor (formerly FIU) Dr. Bohn and Zoo Miami Conservation Director Dr. Frank Ridgley, both Friends of FOLT.  The article explains the enormous amounts of pro-bono research Dr. Bohn and her growing army of citizen scientists have performed on the bat.   Through her work, Bohn the able to locate and identify the first known roost found in Coral Gables Granada Golf course.  Dr. Ridgley, has been working hard everyday to nurse a baby bonneted bat found on Zoo Miami property who was just recently released into the wild.

We applaud the amazing efforts of these two conservation heroes! Friends of the Ludlam Trail remains committed to contributing to the conservation efforts of the bonneted bat as we continue to erect bat boxes adjacent to the Ludlam Trail.  Stay tuned for more upcoming bat box installation projects and bat watch citizen scientist projects.

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