Successful Bat Box Installation Adjacent to Ludlam Trail!

bat pic

On Saturday January 24, 2015, Friends of the Ludlam Trail successfully installed a bat box specifically designed for the Florida bonnetted bat.  FOLT Steering committee member Diana Iturralde volunteered her time, energy and home to install the bat box that will attract near by bats to roost. Just around dusk, about 30 FOLT members and community residents gathered to watch the bat box raised to its 25 foot height.   In addition to the box installation, guests were welcomed with music, educational materials, bat inspired arts & crafts and tasty treats.  Finally, Dr. Kisi Bohn of Florida International University, an expert in bonnetted bats was present to inform the public about the importance of the bonneted bat.  FOLT will be posting updates for any activity found at the bat box and will continue to post information about the endangered species native to our Miami pine rocklands habitat.

Special thanks to the following who contributed to the success of this project

-Dr. Frank Ridgley (Zoo Miami)

-Cyndi Marks (Florida Bat Conservancy)

-Dr. Kisi Bohn  (Florida International University)

-Jennifer Myers (Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)

-Tim Lancaster (Temple Terrace Preservation Society)

-Dr. Holy Ober (North Florida Research & Education Center)

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