Ludlam Hikes Activates Ludlam Trail (North) March 26

Friends of Ludlam Trail is proud to announce our first official trail Ludlam Days activation of the northern segment of the corridor!  On March 26, the community is invited to join us for a hike that will allow us to re-discover the beauty of the trail corridor north of Bird Road.


The hike will begin on the north side of AD Barnes Park (adjacent to Waterway Drive), and travel north to 8th street and back. This will be a 4 mile total trek with grass and rocky terrain, so please make sure to bring hiking boots!  In addition to the hike we have several extra activities to help enhance the day.

Sponsored by The Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge, fellow hikers will assist in installing Walk Your City bilingual signs at major crossroads during the hike. Signs will point towards near by schools, parks and other major destinations that are in walking/biking distance.  In addition, we will have special guest Kate Kraft from America Walks in attendance. Before we begin the hike, Kate will provide a brief explanation on the benefits of increased walkability, and how the walking movement is spreading all over the country.  To keep hikers energized, FOLT will be providing snacks and water at multiple stations during the hike.

Many thanks to Florida East Coast Industries for allowing us to occupy the land and continued support to making a Ludlam Trail a reality for the Miami community!

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