Kendall Community Council Votes to Transmit a Recommendation of DENIAL!

On Tuesday September 23, a packed house of residents and stakeholders gathered to comment on a proposal to upzone the Ludlam Trail corridor to allow for over 2,300 new residential units. The sentiment was overwhelmingly against upzoning. A line ran out the door of people who spoke against the application, including our own Rick Santos, Peter Rabbino, Mari Chael and Victor Dover.

The Community Council had plenty of questions for which the project team did not have answers. The Council Members heard us loud and clear and voted to transmit with a Recommendation of DENIAL1781032_10152481576149332_1219487928715166693_o 10421270_10152481529619332_5444381851129033124_n

This is one of three important Community Council meetings that we urge all Miami-Dade residents to attend.   If approved, the corridor would gain a new zoning designation that would allow residential and commercial development along the entire 6.2 miles. The next meetings are on Monday, September 29 and Tuesday, September 30.

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