FOLT Awarded Grant to Continue Bat Conservation Projects

It is with great pleasure that we announce the recent grant award from The Binky Foundation!  In an effort to continue our conservation activities to protect the Florida bonneted bat, FOLT was awarded with $2,000 to be dedicated to the supplies and materials needed for approximately 12 more bat box installations along the Ludlam Trail!  FOLT is seeking volunteers interested in donating a portion of their backyard for the installation of a bat box.  Residents must live adjacent to the trail, preferably in green area where the bat may be dwelling.  FOLT will be collaborating with Dr. Bohn and the Miami Bat Squad to implement bat box installations and host Bat Watch nights.  More information coming soon! Contact if you are interested in participating.

HUGE THANKS to The Binky Foundation for making this possible!

binky reward

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