Ludlam Days Fall Fest a Huge Success

This is what it's all about!

The first ever group ride along Ludlam Trail!

Over 300 community residents gathered at A.D. Barnes Park last Saturday to partake in the first official public ride down the Ludlam Trail. The event began at 10:00 as riders began trickling into the park and finding food trucks, bounce houses, bike valet station, No Boundaries bike repair shop, and even a pop-up pumpkin patch to greet them! Oh yes, this was more than just a ride, but rather a community celebration in which thousands of Miami residents have come together to embrace one core vision, a world class linear park and trail cutting through the center of Greater Miami!

Gathering the group

Gathering the group

At just around 10:15 am, hundreds of riders were lined up along the corridor waiting for the start.  At 10:20 am, FECI spokesman Alfred Lurigados and FOLT chairman Tony Garcia made the final call, “LET’s GO!” they shouted.  And just like that, the FOLT peloton began its historic journey to the Dadeland terminus point 3 miles south. This ride was not a race, but slow a leisure ride allowing each rider the time to soak in and appreciate the opportunity to one day utilize this trail every day. Miami-Dade County police were readily available at major intersections blocking traffic to keep the ride group safe.  Local neighbors living on or close to the trail were standing outside their back yards cheering on riders as they rolled along the trail.

The ride ended back at A.D. Barnes with

AD Banes Park Festival site

AD Banes Park Festival site

everyone arriving safely with huge smiles on each face! People returned to the park absolutely elated and inspired to make the Ludlam Trail dream a reality.  The festival portion of the day was another huge success with hundreds in attendance enjoying the beautiful park,  DJ, delicious food trucks, free Funky Budda Beer, bounce houses and more.  Their was also a pause for important announcements from Friends of Luldam Trail, Florida East Coast Industries, City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa.

Friends of the Ludlam Trail is extremely thankful to FECI for their commitment to our grand vision for Greater Miami. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with FECI, Miami-Dade County and the countless volunteers and fellow organizations helping to push the Ludlam Trail campaign forward.  Our next activation event will be November 14 as WHEELS sponsors our group run and ride.  We hope to see you there!


Commissioner Sosa speaking to the crowd!

City of Miami Commissioner Suarez, Alfred Lurigados (FECI), Tany Garcia (FOLT) and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sosa addressing the crowd!



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