County Commission Urges Funding for Ludlam and Other Major County Trails

On June 30, 2015, the Miami-Dade County commission submitted an official Resolution in support of a portion of Florida Sun Trail funding be directed to Miami-Dade County.  Of the $25 million, $15 million is already being dedicated to trails in Central Florida that fall within the Florida Sun Trail network.  Miami-Dade has its own trails that fall within the network including The Ludlam Trail and The Underline.  The Resolution urges for 6.7 million of the of the $25 million towards the following Miami trail projects.: The Ludlam Trail ($3,000,000), The Underline ($2,000,000), Biscayne Everglades Greenwway ($1.5 million) and Black Creek Trail ($200,000).  We applaud the Miami-Dade Commission for their commitment to improve Miami-Dade’s trail network.  As stated in the Resolution, Miami-Dade ranks as one the most unsafe metropolitan areas for bicyclists and pedestrians in the country.  The advancements of these trails would significantly improve our community’s safety when enjoying the outdoors on bike or on foot.

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