Community Council Meeting Three Recap

ludlam meeting 3

September 30 served as the final of three Community Council meetings regarding FECI’s request to alter the CDMP designation of the Ludlam Corridor. Again, numerous concerned citizens crowded the room and expressed their concerns over the potential land amendment. While the applicant continues to assure the public that they intend on dedicating 25% of the land to “a trail”, the language in the current proposal does not specify or guarantee anything. The vote was 4-2 Denying the application. All three councils have now sent a clear message for the Planning Advisory Board and the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). Keep in mind the BCC has final authority and could still choose to ignore the Community Council’s recommendations. We must continue to express the need and demand for a more collaborative public process! Please reach out to your local commissioner and inform them of your stance.

2 thoughts on “Community Council Meeting Three Recap

  • November 12, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    I very much would like the ludlam trial to be used for Metro Rail (heavy rail), and a trail & bike path underneath it. The county deceived the voters 12 years ago with their half cent penny sales tax saying metro rail would be expanded in numerous locations… hardly nothing was done. This could be another metro rail route to the airport that is badly needed. Plus it would mean a way for metro rail riders to not have to drive way east, or south to catch the metro rail. There was rail there 32 yrs ago roughly… and it should still be devoted to rail… this time an elevated rail with a bike path, and trail underneath it. We very much need metro rail to go through the center part of the metro area of Miami. This will eliminate the need to acquire land later…please stop making us prisoners to our cars, surging gas prices, and never ending added tolls. I only live a few blocks from the ludlam trail, or corridor. It is the right thing to do for the whole county. Please write me at to respond to my suggestion. I was hoping I could attend a meeting about this… but apparently I missed the three meetings about this issue already which I am very disappointed about.
    Tim Cotter

  • November 13, 2014 at 6:39 am

    No, no, no, just flat out no. I live in the neighborhood of South Miami Senior High, maybe you and your property wouldn’t be effected by it, but ours would. No resident in any of the homes whose backyards directly border the trail will want a metrorail flying practically right over their homes from the crack of dawn till midnight everyday. It would lower the quality of our lives and destroy our property values. No thank you. You should learn to have more consideration of how badly others would be affected, and not just think about yourself, and your wants. Shame on you.


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