CDMP Hearing November 18

BBC Application 9

We have come a long way since the previous CDMP hearing last year. Friends of the Ludlam Trail supports transmission of Application #9 which addresses the following in summary…

  • Incorporates the results of the Ludlam Trail Corridor Charrette Report.
  • Seeks to facilitate the conversion of the Corridor into a continuous, publicly-accessible pedestrian and bicycle trail with development occurring at appropriate locations and in a manner that is sensitive to andcompatible with adjacent uses.
  • Redesignates the corridor from “Transportation” to “Special District” on the CDMP Land Use Plan map and create a new subcategory titled “Ludlam Trail Corridor District”
  • Requires zoning regulations, addressing Development Areas and Trail segments, to be adopted prior to the issuance of the first building permit.

See below to review the Miami-Dade Planning Advisory Board background summary.



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