Ludlam Trail Highlighted at Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting

bpac pic

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee members

The December 2015 meeting of the Miami Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) was updated by Miami-Dade County staff regarding the latest activities involving the Ludlam Trail initiative.

The BPAC is comprised of Miami-Dade citizens who review transportation plans and projects for non-motorized mobility and safety, and provides a forum for the discussion of issues affecting bicyclists and pedestrians.

As summarized by Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources Department:

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Coral Gables Bike Tour Visits the Ludlam Trail


At AD Barnes Park, the future mid-point of the Ludlam Trail!


Before the ride began, the group toured our “Ludlam Trail: Grassroots to Treetops” museum exhibit located at Coral Gables Museum.

On Sunday morning the Ludlam Trail was visited by riders participating in January’s Coral Gables Bike Tour. Participants began the day with a guided tour of our Ludlam Trail exhibit at Coral Gables Museum, and then rode all the way to the Ludlam Trail on back-roads and quiet streets. FOLT was in attendance to greet the riders at AD Barnes Park and update the group about the campaign. Thank you Bike Walk Coral Gables and Coral Gables Museum for organizing and leading the ride!

Special thanks to our unpredictable Miami weather for not raining on our group, as their was a huge a rain storm just hours before our scheduled ride! Remember our Ludlam Trail exhibit comes down on January 31 so there is still time to check it out.  Stay tuned for more Ludlam Days events coming soon.



FOLT Recognized by American Planning Association Gold Coast Chapter

(From left to right) Maeve Desmond and Silvia Vargas of Gold Coast APA; Eric Katz of Street Plans Collaborative, Ebru Ozer of Landscape DE, Mark Heinicke of Miami-Dade County Parks, Gloria Florexil of Florida International University, Diana Jaramillo of Miami Bat Squad and resident of the trail, and Douglas Thompson of Landscape DE)

(From left to right) Maeve Desmond and Silvia Vargas of Gold Coast APA; Eric Katz of Street Plans Collaborative, Ebru Ozer of Landscape DE, Mark Heinicke of Miami-Dade County Parks, Gloria Florexil of Florida International University, Diana Jaramillo of Miami Bat Squad and resident of the trail, and Douglas Thompson of Landscape DE)

On December 9, 2015, members of the Miami Planning community gathered at the Miami Center for Architecture and Design for the 2015 APA Gold Coast Planning Award ceremony. The Gold Coast APA chapter delivered numerous awards recognizing outstanding planning projects and initiatives across South Florida. Friends of the Ludlam Trail was honored to receive recognition as the 2015 Outstanding Grassroots Initiative.  The FOLT board and steering committees are comprised of passionate community members, urban planners, architects, landscape architects and conservationists all working hard to make the Ludlam Trail project a reality.

Major accomplishments for 2015 includes passage of the Ludlam Trail Comprehensive Development Master Plan application and the successful launch of Ludlam Days. Ludlam Days is an innovative series of community events intended to build awareness, and allow the community to experience the benefits of the trail while the corridor undergoes the multi-year process of land acquisition, trail design and construction. Once completed, the trail will provide the Miami community with a 6.2 mile, 100 foot wide urban trail that directly connects to 5 schools, 4 parks, 4 green ways, 2 transit hubs and multiple neighborhoods and shopping districts.

In addition to the Grassroots Initiative award, graduate students from Florida International University’s Landscape Architecture and Urban Design studio class also were awarded Outstanding Student Project and Honorable Mention, both utilizing the Ludlam Trail as their case studies! Congratulations to the students and the entire FOLT team for their hard work throughout the year!

Professor Ebru Ozer and students from Florida International University awarded for their Ludlam Trail Design projects.

Professor Ebru Ozer and students from Florida International University awarded for their Ludlam Trail Design projects.

FOLT Partners with Local Scouts to Hike the Trail


Scouts showing their support for the Ludlam Trail

On December 19, 2015 the first ever Ludlam Trail Hike gathered 15 scouts and their scout leaders from Boy Scout Troop 43, Venturing Crew 870, and Venturing Crew 43 to hike 6 miles from AD Barnes Park to Dadeland and back. It was a beautiful day in Miami with temperatures in the low 70s and an overcast ensuring a cool day and shade from the Miami sun. The hike was led by local scout leader, avid outdoors-man and conservationist Frank Fernandez representing scout’s Tequesta chapter. Along the hike, the scouts learned details regarding the Ludlam Trail project, surveyed the terrain, learned survival skills and identified wildlife along the trail. We thank them for their service and look forward to future partnerships. Through direct service to the trail and continued advocacy, we know the scouts will play a key role in the successful implementation of the trail.

Special thanks to Florida East Coast Industries who sponsored the day. Click here for a full gallery of images from the historic hike!

First official FOLT hike underway!

Scouts admiring the natural beauty of the trail.

Ludlam Lights Event Attracts Hundreds of Supporters


1000 luminaries along the Ludlam Trail!

On December 12, FOLT hosted another trail activation event that took place between Miller and Sunset Drive called Ludlam Lights.  The event called upon the community to help illuminate the trail by neatly placing one thousand luminaries along the borders. Once the luminaries were placed, hundreds gathered at South Miami High School to help kick-off the first of what will be a long tradition of illuminating the trail during the holiday season.


Hundreds gather at South Miami High School kick-off

South Miami High School provided entertainment with performances given by the cheer leading squad and chorus. Once the walk began, FOLT and members of the community helped keep the crowd safe by guiding groups through busy intersections after temporarily pausing traffic. Along the trail, folks were greeted by numerous tents including the Ludlam Trail Neighborhood Association providing information about local neighbors and their position regarding the trail, and FOLT members providing information about our current habitat restoration efforts. The event was led by FOLT board members Peter Rabbino and Rick Santos, both neighbors of the trail and have been passionate about the project since the inception of the organization.  It sure was a sight to see!  Special thanks to the Miami-Dade County and Florida East Coast Industries for sponsoring the event. Join us next month for Ludlam Walls!


Drone view looking towards Dadeland. Courtesy Luis Munoz.



Join FOLT December 12 for LUDLAM LIGHTS

Ludlam Lights RGB

Join Friends of Ludlam Trail on December 12 between 4pm to 7pm for our next Ludlam Days event, Ludlam Lights!

Meet us at dusk on the trail next to South Miami Senior High School for a fun filled evening where we will light up the trail with luminaries  that is sure to provide a captivating visual! In addition, special performances will be given by the high school chorus and string ensemble. Bring flash lights and other light-up gear with you as we leisurely stroll along the glowing trail.

Special thanks to our sponsors Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Space department and Florida East Coast Industries.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Ludlam Trail CDMP Application 9 Passes Unnanimously

App9 Copy

Friends of the Ludlam Trail is thrilled to announce that the Ludlam Trail CDMP Application #9 was unanimously approved at the recent Miami-Dade County Comprehensive Development Master Plan meeting. The application was one of many as Miami residents packed the the county commission chambers. We are thankful to the many residents and FOLT supporters who made themselves present and voiced their approval of the Ludlam Trail application.  This is a major milestone crossed towards the successful implementation of a world class linear park and trail.  Stay tuned for upcoming events to learn more about the campaign. The next event is December 12 for Ludlam Lights!

Click here to read the Resolution. Click below to watch the video of the CDMP meeting. When the page opens, click on the Video link for the November 18 CDMP hearing.



Please Support Our Cause On Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day2

It’s that time of year again when all of Miami comes together and makes substantial change towards a better and Greater Miami!  It’s been a very busy year, but much of that work is paying off as we have moved much closer to making the Ludlam Trail a reality. Yesterday’s transmission of the CDMP application is a major milestone for our campaign, but we must continue our press for funding of a world class linear park and trail.  Help fuel our campaign by making a contribution to Green Mobility Network.  With these funds you can look forward to more trail activation projects such as group runs/rides, bat box installations, community gardens, festivals, and other surprises! <—-click to donate

In addition to your gift, a percentage of your donation will be matched, making your gift even more powerful on this day! Thank you for your support!


CDMP Hearing November 18

BBC Application 9

We have come a long way since the previous CDMP hearing last year. Friends of the Ludlam Trail supports transmission of Application #9 which addresses the following in summary…

  • Incorporates the results of the Ludlam Trail Corridor Charrette Report.
  • Seeks to facilitate the conversion of the Corridor into a continuous, publicly-accessible pedestrian and bicycle trail with development occurring at appropriate locations and in a manner that is sensitive to andcompatible with adjacent uses.
  • Redesignates the corridor from “Transportation” to “Special District” on the CDMP Land Use Plan map and create a new subcategory titled “Ludlam Trail Corridor District”
  • Requires zoning regulations, addressing Development Areas and Trail segments, to be adopted prior to the issuance of the first building permit.

See below to review the Miami-Dade Planning Advisory Board background summary.



Spend Friday the 13th with the Miami Bat Squad!

Ludlam Trail bat night

Friends of Ludlam Trail is proud to be partnering once again with the Miami Squad and Coral Gables Museum as we bring you Bat Night! What better time to learn more about the bats than spooky Friday the 13th!  We are only kidding of course, we love bats, and will use this night to help spread awareness of the bonneted bat and participate in important citizen science activities as we watch and listen for bats along the Granada golf course.

The night will be led by Miami Bat Squad Director Giselle Hosein who will provide the public with an educational talk centered on the bonneted bat, and how it plays a unique role in our local eco-system. In addition, we also have the pleasure of partnering with our great friends from Coral Gables Museum.  For those that didn’t know, Coral Gables Museum is hosting the Ludlam Trail 2020: Grassroots to Treetops exhibit from now until January 31. Be sure to check it out!

FOLT will be represented by non other than Diana Jaramillo.  Diana has been a dedicated volunteer towards FOLT with particular attention paid towards the corridor’s environmental and wildlife conservation.  Diana has led the charge in our goal to protect the highly endangered bonneted bat by volunteering her home as the first backyard to host a bat box and forming key partnerships with groups like the Miami Bat Squad.  Diana played a key role in the development of the year long Bat Box program which was awarded a $2,000 grant from The Binky Foundation. In the next coming months, bat boxes will be installed in 10 locations along the Ludlam corridor.

Many thanks to The Miami Bat Squad and Coral Gables Musuem in our efforts to conserve our local wildlife!  We hope to see you there!