District 7 Charrette Follow-up Recap

On April 29, 2015, Miami-Dade residents of District 7 packed the cafeteria of South Miami High School for a Follow-up meeting regarding the Ludlam Trail charrette.  Miami-Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez provided opening remarks in which he expressed his commitment to make Ludlam Trail a reality.  Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources then presented their latest conceptual designs of the Ludlam corridor.  All drawings were aimed to reflect the community input generated from the charrette meetings that occurred this past March.  The drawing below reflects a ratio of 80% trail to 20% development, a major improvement since last year’s proposal of 75% development and 25% trail!

Development is shown concentrated in the stretch of land between Bird Road and 48th street.  Friends of the Ludlam Trail understands that this concentration of development remains an area of concern for many nearby residents.  Our official stance on this matter is that development should begin north of 44th street, not 48th street, many of the residents in attendance were in agreement.  FOLT will continue to strive for as much green space as possible.  Residents and stakeholders are urged to write letters and place phone calls to their elected officials for any questions or concerns they may have regarding the progress of the corridor’s design. Continue to follow Friends of the Ludlam Trail for important upcoming dates.  Many thanks to the hundreds of residents who continue to set participation records at each of these public meetings!

District 7 Contact Information (From Bird Road south to Dadeland)

Commissioner Xavier Suarez

South Miami City Hall
6130 Sunset Drive
South Miami, Florida 33143

District 6 Contact Information (From Bird Road north to the airport)

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

1000 SW 57th Avenue, Suite 201
Miami, Florida 33144








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