South Miami Commission supports Friends of the Ludlam Trail

Dear Friends,

The South Miami Commission fully supports the Friends of the Ludlam Trail and opposes FECI’s Comp Plan change. The following items were unanimously approved at City Hall last night. -5. A Resolution of the City of South Miami supporting the Friends of the Ludlam Trail in the implementation of the Ludlam Trail, a six (6) mile linear park along the former FECI rail tracks, requesting Florida East Coast, Inc. to temporarily withdraw its application to amend the County Development Master Plan, and directing the City Clerk to transmit a copy of this resolution to the designated officials herein. 3/5 (Mayor Stoddard) –6. A Resolution opposing the Miami-Dade County Comprehensive Development Master Plan change requested by FECI for the Ludlam Trail rail corridor. 3/5 (Mayor Stoddard)

Thank you South Miami for your support!

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